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Nowhere fires the imagination quite like Paris.

The famous ‘City of Light’ simply sparkles with charm – from the broad, tree-lined boulevards of the Right Bank to the steep, winding alleyways of Montmartre. Enjoy a croissant and coffee in a pavement café. Marvel at the solemn magnificence of Notre Dame. Explore the wealth of cultural and artistic treasures in the Louvre. Or glide down the Seine on an elegant, glass-topped bateau mouche. Whatever you do, wherever you go, you cannot fail to be captivated by this most romantic of cities, full of the ‘joie de vivre’. French Travel Service offers Eurostar and hotel short breaks to Paris, Europe's most enchanting capital

In most hotels a new local tax will be levied on hotel guests and which can only be paid on the spot. The rates per person per night are as follows.

Palace: 4.40€, 5 star: 3.30€, 4 star: 2.48€, 3 star: 1.65€, 2star: 0.99€.


PARIS BY DISTRICT ("Arrondissements"). Central Paris is divided into twenty administrative districts called "arrondissements", which fan out from the centre in a clockwise direction from the first to twentieth, bounded by the Boulevard Peripherique (Ring Road). French Travel Service offers a selection of hotels in each arrondissement, so use the menu and maps to help you narrow down your selection according to your preferred area(s). Please note that none of our hotels are located outside this central area

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